The MIDOMA salon and gallery was established to provide the best in haircare and customer service in an inspirational environment. Our loft space unites the creativity of hair design with the appreciation of contemporary art. Our symbol is "the seed of life; the swirl of potential energy," and is a reflection of our purpose to give a safe haven to artists and their creations and to the people that enjoy them. Our motivation is the constant growing circle of patrons and supporters and the opportunity to enrich their lives. MIDOMA, the art of beauty, the beauty of art.



Originally from Nürnberg, Germany.

Michael’s innate talent, enhanced early on by exceptional training in Munich/Germany and London/England, has earned him praise internationally. He proudly holds our Creative Director title.

Along with his salon responsibilities, he consults for major beauty/fashion companies, presenting NYC trends and helping in product development. His creative team collaboration projects with fashion photographers/stylists, models and make up artists as well as fellow hair creatives result in stunning imagery.

“New York City and its driving energy plays a tremendous part in how I do, what I do. Whether it’s cutting someone’s hair in the salon, presenting my work on a stage or thinking about a style concept for an upcoming shoot, passion, for me is key. I believe strongly that passion promotes quality. A service in my chair begins with communication. I listen, and with my client, plan both short and long term goals. I always create styles based on a strong foundation built to last. The instant gratification of making someone look and feel beautiful is tremendously rewarding for me. The genuine smile of a satisfied client is very special. When we created MIDOMA, we created a platform that is inspiring and motivating by incorporating New York’s endless resource of artists, designers and their works. Law of attraction brings us clients who appreciate and respect artistry.”

Recent editorial work for Midoma: “Hot City”, “Dripping with Gold”, “Outside/Inside”, “Instamatic”, “revOlutioN”,  “Post-Mod”, “The Painter & The Poet”, “Bound”, “P18”, “Falling in Love in LIC” (Ins + Outs Magazine), “Modern Nomad”,  “Life, Balance + Peace”, “Fire + Ice”, “RKM”, “Snow White”, “Sumie Tachibana  Haute Couture”, “Faux” “Shining”,”Undercover”, “Above + Below”, “Antigua” – http://midoma.com/salon/

Experience level: Very high (25+years)

Bilingual: German/English


Originally from Syracuse, New York and a true visionary. Her extensive managerial background includes theatre, retail, and salon and spa management.

Along with overseeing daily operations of the salon, she is Art Director for MIDOMA Gallery, and handpicks local designer pieces for the MIDOMA Boutique having earned thunderous applause for her efforts by the local artistic community.

Marianna loves to sit back and watch how things operate. Restaurants, retail shops, jazz lounges – no business is exempt from her curious nature.

“I find that in this technologically driven society, basics sometimes fall by the wayside. As the popular book announces clearly, “Everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten.” I believe that customer service equates simply serving the customer. We at MIDOMA, offer priceless one-on-one service, in a genuinely caring environment. It’s an honor to serve, and should be a welcomed break from chaos when being served. I have a tremendous understanding and regard for both sides of the table, counter and stage.”

In her spare time, Marianna works as a consultant and advisor in design & concept for other businesses, sharing what she has learned along the way.

Hair Sculptors

Raphael (Senior Stylist)

Origin: New Jersey/USA

Professional training + experience: Warren Tricomi Salon NYC, Mizu Salon NYC

Experience level: High (7+years)

Bilingual: English/Spanish

Recent editorial work for Midoma: “Instamatic” – http://midoma.com/salon/


Bibb (Senior Stylist)

Origin: Ohio/USA

Professional training + experience: Paul Mitchell, Adel Atelier Salon NYC

Experience level: Medium (4+years)

Recent editorial work: “Fort Tilden” – http://midoma.com/salon/

Katherine (Staff Stylist)

Origin: Orlando/USA

Professional training + experience: Paul Mitchell, Orlando FL – Hair Cuttery, Orlando FL

Experience level: Medium (4 years)

Tyler (Senior Stylist)

Origin: Los Angeles/USA

Professional training + experience: Vidal Sassoon Academy ,CA – Vidal Sassoon NYC – Beauty and Broom, NYC

Experience level: Medium (5 years)

Special skills: ASL (sign language)

Hair Painters

Shakira (Senior Colorist)

Origin: New York/USA

Professional training + experience: Louis Licari Salon NYC

Experience level: Very high (11+years)

Bilingual: English/Spanish

Recent editorial work for Midoma:  “The Painter & The Poet”, “Bound”, “Instamatic”, “Outside/Inside”, “Rooftop”, “Paparazzi” – http://midoma.com/salon/

Gina Marie (Senior Colorist)

Origin: New York/USA

Professional training + experience: Louis Licari Salon NYC , Suite 303 Salon NYC , Adel Atelier Salon NYC

Experience level: Very high (10+years)

Past editorial work includes: Legg’s Makeover Segment, Bloomingdale’s Catalogue, as well as coloring Ethan Hawke for his role in “Clive” on Broadway.

Make-up Artists


Origin: Tokyo/Japan

Experience level: Very high (10+years)

Bilingual: Japanese/English

Recent editorial work for Midoma:”Post Mod”,  “The Painter & The Poet” – http://midoma.com/salon/, “Ships That Pass” – http://midoma.com/?p=1895

Portfolio: http://kunimaquillage.com/

Customer Service


Origin: Ohio/USA

Special interests + qualifications: Dance/Yoga


Origin: New York/USA

Special interests + qualifications: Art (Milk Studios NYC, Gallery Nine 5 NYC)