Part Showroom, part Retail Space the MIDOMA Boutique, located in the Fashion District, home to renowned designers Nanette Lepore and Donna Karan, introduces fashion made in NYC by independent designers. Recently featured labels include: natural dyed silk designs by Uye Surana, african inspired wears by Farai, and silver plated recycled jewelry by Steve Riley.

Pick your favorites right off the rack or meet with the designers for custom pieces.

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    • 1926 NYC

      “JJ” Frondrisi, grandson of Depression Era dressmaker and designer, stumbled upon his grandfather’s dress sketches & black and white photos of his family enjoying life in simpler times. 1926 was born that day. 1926 is a fashion line offering glamour and nostalgia in the comfort of cotton. –

    • Maiko Suzuki Jewelry

      Maiko Suzuki’s original designs are hand-crafted and made in Harlem, New York. Her work is like wearing art—it is unique, limited and inspired by many cultures: Islamic Art, African sculptures, and Mexican architectures.

      Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, at the age of thirteen, Maiko visited New York City and fell in love with the energy, the people and the possibility for an artistic life. She moved here on her own, at the age of seventeen, to pursue this passion.

      Maiko’s jewelry makes a statement and her accent pieces are large and bold, fashionable and funky, intricately designed and light-weight.

    • Alexa Mitchell Designs

      Alexa Mitchell designs is a line of easy to wear-chic handcrafted jewelry created with the vision of simplifying daily accessory choices for cultured sophisticates women. Fundamentally a mother daughter brand, Alexa and Yvette (mother) began designing innovative necklaces as gifts in their hometown, Taiwan. After Alexa moved to New York in 2015, they wanted a new way to bridge the international gap by continuing their shared passion and after repeated requests from patrons, decided to create a collection.

      Collaborating across 7000 miles, the pair dreamt up supple designs to complement multiple outfits from day to night. With two distinct personalities, sophisticated elegance and playful modernity, they mixed pearls of different shapes and colors with semi-precious stones to reinvent the concept of a pearl necklace. The pieces range from classic pearl earrings like the Baroque Pearl Stud to the edgily contemporary Cluster and Chain Necklace.

      When asked where they get their inspiration, they often refer back to the Chinese idiom “drawing the dragon’s eye,” where an artist gave life to his painting by completing the last finishing touch. To them, accessories are worn to give energy to an outfit; it captures light and illuminates the face. Especially with pearls, the pair’s favorite gem, sometimes its just about how they can make it fun, colorful and come alive with versatility.

    • Steve Riley Jewelry

      A British native, Steve earned his BA with Honors from the University of Central England with a major in Art & Design.

      He considers himself to be an artist rather than a traditional jeweler, although he has worked since 1996 in the jewelry making industry for both international selling jewelers and as an independent designer.

      Since 2003, Riley has been creating hand made art & jewelry in New York City. Each piece is meticulously hand crafted from recycled metals. All Steve Riley rings are suitable for civil partnerships, engagement, weddings, eternity, anniversaries, birthdays etc. Stones can be added to most designs. Custom work is welcome accommodated via the web or by private appointment at his workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

      I pride myself on making everything in house and never sourcing my work out out to foreign countries. I support human rights, conflict-free trade and environmentally conscious production. My designs range in style from hand made squiggle chains to animal print rings.

      I like to work in what I call a “modern primitive” style, obsessing over each mark, the controlled and random details are critical. Strong, bold, and organic, each piece is created as a play between materials and how that translates in terms of what is traditionally considered “masculine” or “feminine”, “art” or “jewelry”. 


    • Showcase Opportunity for Independent Fashion Designers

      Midoma Boutique is looking for independent NYC fashion designers to introduce and showcase at the 545 8th Ave showroom in the heart of the fashion district. Seasonal, monthly or daily (pop up shop/trunk show style) exposure – perfect for online brands to offer a physical product experience or to test a market. For more info contact