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You’re Invited to the Opening Reception of “Cognitive Dissonance” by Darin Cohen.
Event Highlights include: #artistsintroduction by #cofounder #curator Marianna Ranieri @marastudionyc (#livestream here on Facebook, midomanyc 7/7:15pm) – Pop-up Shop by Tylor Wallach – Henna Art by Raj -Refreshments ($5 at door) – #specialpricing on #artwork. #preview this #exhibition at

About Darin Cohen:
With influences as diverse as Willem de Kooning to contemporary New York school graffiti, new tensions are distilled from both abstract expressionism and urban culture dialogues. Darin is most interested in inventing and achieving new ways of communication through his own visual language. Physical sports fights are a reoccurring theme in his work, and used as a vehicle, to express two forces colliding. He has referred to his paintings as ‘experiences’ for himself and viewers alike.
About Henna Art by Raj:
Henna is a natural dye derived from the henna tree otherwise known as the plant, Lawsonia inermis, and is traditionally used to adorn the body as a part of celebration. Come celebrate the arts with us and leave with your very own piece of work serving as this weekend’s conversation piece. Come early to guarantee your spot at his table!
Instagram: @raj_henna_nyc
About Tyler Wallach Pop-up Shop:

Tyler Wallach is an innovative and independent queer artist living in Harlem, recognized for his bright and boldly colored street-art characters on both canvas and clothing.

You Are Invited!


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“Searching” – A Fashion Video Collaboration


Photography/Videography by Miroslav Parushev Model Irina Ilichenko Make-up by Mika Shimoda Hair by Michael Schwarzer for Midoma Salon Video editing by Horizon Production

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