AMERICAN DREAM – THE DREAMERS VIDEO by Leo Curbelo (The American Dream concept show and the Dreamers Video is tribute and dedicated to all the dreamers and our father/co-founder DOminick. May our dreams continue….





It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our father and co-founder Dominick(Ranieri) who passed away peacefully on June 2nd.
Dominick is the ‘DO’ of MI*DO*MA, (MArianna’s father and MIchael’s father-in-law) without whom, their business vision would never have come to fruition. With his blessing, the MIDOMA tree was planted in July of 2000. It is growing ever since, giving opportunities to many. We shall all hang on to his memory, respectfully – his legacy lives on.
A Gathering to Offer Tribute and Celebrate the Life of Dominick will be announced.



“Vidal Sassoon The Movie” Screening


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