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NEW YORK CITY, February 21, 2013, by Jeffrey Feliz-Ybes

While Rihanna might be used to having everyone dance to her beats, London designers dance to the beat of their own drum. Thanks to their untamable creativity, they saved London Fashion Week from turning into ‘Rihanna Fashion Week’, and for that we remain forever grateful.

London designers walk a fine line between fantasy and reality, often blurring the lines and showing us a glimpse of the creative world in which they live.  Their challenge has always been to tame their wild creative imagination and confine themselves to color within the lines of the canvas, which is of course, the mobile human body. Undoubtedly, they reign as Creators and Masters over the avant-garde fashion genre and LFW was a testimony to this title.

With cutting-edge collections that were out of this world, it is unreasonable (and impossible) to forecast trends from LFW. Such a vast array of visionary talents cannot be boxed into a commercial trend for the next season, at least not without doing it injustice. British designers will always remain as the inspirations from where tomorrow’s trends spring forth and here are the top four outstanding collections that will certainly inspire future generations of designers to come.

Wearable Art:

Giles was one of my top collection picks. Despite the critics who title London’s fashion as “The Art of the Unwearable”, he did not sacrifice a shred of his whimsical fashion fantasy for wearability and delivered a collection where many exceptional pieces can be extracted for personal wear.  Buyers, take a second look; these “wearable art” pieces are not so easy to spot but if and when you do spot them, take that chance and offer it to your consumers.

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